Artificial Intelligence for industrial data

Our vision

At heart of the French Artificial Intelligence ecosystem, BrightClue is the outworking of a strongly-held conviction: AI has the power to transform industrial data into knowledge.
BrightClue, Artificial Intelligence to transform industrial data into knowledge.

Our mission

Providing solutions for process and product designers, enabling them to extract the full potential of their data. These solutions also optimize product/process iterations by improving Quality Cost Delivery KPIs.
BrightClue, providing solutions for process and 3D products designers.

Our ambition

Recognized by the DeepTech label, BrightClue is pioneering the processing of 3D and related technical data. We aim to become the leader in leveraging 3D databases.
BrightClue, DeepTech pioneer in 3D objects data processing.

Our team

PROBE by BrightClue unlocks your data potential.

Our values

An atmosphere nurtured by supportive management
Attentiveness to others - sharing ideas
A good work/life balance
Room for skills to be developed and expressed in every area of work